5 Helpful tips before you see your Floral Designer

Which flowers do you like?  Romantic Red Roses?  Precious Pink Peonies?  What is the occasion you need these flowers?  Is there a theme?  What is the color scheme for your event?
Starting to feel like we are bombarding you with questions?  These are just a few of the things we need to know before we can make your occasion stunning! Pretty in Flowers has been about creating an experience not just flowers in a vase. But sometimes we need a little input from you. It is important to be aware of what event we are creating for so we have created a few helpful hints to keep your vision and our creativity in the same pathway.

White Flower Arrangment
1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET – flowers like anything else, has a way of getting bigger and bigger when you see their beauty, but so can their prices. Know what you can pay reasonably for your floral creation. We can budget your flowers to look beautiful and not compromise on what you want.

2. KNOW THE OCCASION – Is it a communion? Is it a country wedding? Classic Wedding? Or is it a BBQ at your home? Whatever the reason you want to have a floral piece make sure you know what you want to see out of your occasion. As designers, we will have many suggestions and past pieces to showcase. Knowing what you want out of the day will make our job a little easier.

3. KNOW THE SEASON – Let’s remember what flowers are best used at each time of the year. Although there are many beautiful greenhouses now, some flowers may be out of stock or season and you will need to have a few alternatives. Getting peonies or tulips in January will prove to be difficult and expensive. Have a backup flower in case it doesn’t work out the first time.

4. HOW MANY DO YOU NEED – How many bridesmaids? Will you need a flower for the flower girls hair? Will your mother want a corsage? Will your daughter’s graduation dinner need to have flowers on the table? Every occasion is different and we want to emphasize that when you meet a designer try to have a ballpark amount of flowers you will need for your occasion (we understand that if it is a wedding than the final numbers only occur 6-8 weeks before the wedding, but let us know the invite list and you’re suspected guest count). The more we know the more we can create beautiful artistic pieces.

5. LISTEN TO THE EXPERT – try not to come in with too many preconceptions. Know what your theme is and then let us do our job. Pick the colors, or even the flowers, but let us design it for you. Listen to our expertise and advice. We, as designers, are known to have a few tricks up our sleeve that people don’t always think of.
Hiring a floral expert will give your event personality, class and style. Pretty in Flowers is about having the perfect look to reflect your perfect occasion.

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