Birthday Flowers

Send that special friend or loved one a beautiful arrangement of birthday flowers. Pretty in Flowers Oakville uses only the freshest and most stunning flowers for all of our birthday floral designs and gifts. Our floral team will hand pick our flowers to create or customize a birthday flower arrangement based on your exact preference.

Birth Month Flowers:

It is widely believed that the custom of giving birthday flowers as gifts can be traced back to the days of the Roman Empire. The Romans celebrated birthdays by giving the gift of flowers to individuals for whose birthday it was. Seasonal birthday flowers were used not only as decorative pieces, but also received as gifts. From this, the idea of the of birthday flowers was born!

Every month of the year has a flower that represents the month of birth. It is believed that individuals who celebrate a birthday in any particular month embody the specific characteristics which the flower represents. Below you will find the complete list of birth flowers for each month of the year, and what they have come to symbolize.

Birthday Flower Meanings by Birth Month

  • January = Carnations – fascination, distinction, love
  • February = Primrose – modesty, distinction, virtue
  • March = Daffodil – spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, vanity
  • April = Sweet pea – good-bye, or blissful pleasure
  • May = Hawthorn/Lily of the Valley – happiness, humility, sweetness
  • June = Rose/honeysuckle – love, gratitude, appreciation
  • July = Water Lily/Delphinium/Larkspur – joyful, fickleness, sweet
  • August = Poppy/Gladiolus – moral integrity
  • September = Morning glory/Aster – daintiness, love, magic
  • October = Calendula/(Marigold) – winning grace, protection, comfort, healing
  • November = Chrysanthemum – cheerfulness, friendship, abundance
  • December = Holly/Narcissus – sweetness, self-esteem, vanity

Some of the most special moments of our lives are captured through the memories created during the celebration of birthdays. Birthday flowers allow us to express our emotion, and congratulation to the special people in our lives. Allow our floral design team at Pretty in Flowers to create a birthday flower arrangement befitting the unique style and sentiment that you wish to convey.

Our birthday floral designs begin with you. Far from being generic, pre-prepared, products, our Birthday Flower Arrangements are created with the primary goal of achieving the vision and satisfaction of our client. Whether it is an array of flowers for a birthday celebration, or a single birthday flower arrangement we work with you to design a final arrangement that will encompass your vision and taste.

Premium, freshly cut flowers are what you will find in all of our birthday flower arrangements at Pretty in Flowers. We specialize in birthday flowers for large celebrations, or single arrangement Birthday flower gifts. Our floral designs are created with the intention of providing the perfect accent and compliment to any birthday party celebration.

Contact us here or call direct 647-828-8942 for a birthday party consultation. Pretty in Flowers would love to work with you to make your vision come to life.