Fall Weddings Becoming More Popular.

Autumn weddings are beginning to becoming more popular and common in recent times.

Many brides are opting for more color in their bridal bouquets as opposed to traditional white and cream flowers. With so many beautiful rustic colors to chose from, it is so nice to see many brides thinking outside of the box, and choosing different looks for their fall wedding.

fall weddings becoming more popular

Calla lilies, berries, seedum, leonidas roses, orchids and foliage’s are among the many beautiful options to use in the design of the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonniers, ceremony pieces, and table centre pieces.

With fall themed weddings, the possibilities are endless !

I love to incorporate many fall themed items in my wedding centre piece designs. One of my favorite centre pieces, which I designed for a recent wedding, was a pumpkin. I made up 20 table centre pieces using fresh pumpkins and arranging fresh fall themed flowers inside of the pumpkin. I went my favorite farm and picked out 20 large sized pumpkins. After preparing them, I finished them with fresh flowers.

fall colors for wedding flowers

The look was capped off using fresh leonidis roses, fall hydrangeas, hypercum berries, green cybidum orchids (my personal favorite), seedum and a variety of different foliage’s. I also love to add some sparkle to a table setting, so along with the pumpkin flower arrangement, I also added 3 votive candles, with artificial leaves. With the addition of gold sparkle, lightly sprinkled around the table centre piece, the look was complete. When the room lights were dimmed, the room came to life, and the entire look was complete !

fall colors for wedding flowers

The head table was decorated along the same theme, as was the bride & groom’s table. The wedding aesthetic was absolutely stunning with fresh flower arrangements everywhere. The added candles not only complemented the beautiful autumn theme, they also add a very romantic element and feel to this wonderful event.

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