Freshen Up Your Business with A Corporate Flower Arrangement.

A corporate flower arrangement can really put some life into your office or reception area.  Many corporate environments get a little drab and boring over time. The quickest way to add some life is with a flower arrangement by Beatrice here at Pretty In Flowers Oakville. One of my favorite tasks is to head off to my local growers or suppliers to pick out the prettiest flowers that are available for my customers offices this season.

Corporate Flower Arrangement

Every week I have the opportunity to create beautiful and artistic floral designs for many corporate clients to be displayed in their offices. I really enjoy making fresh floral designs for all of their clients to see. Having fresh flowers sends a message to your potential clients that you pay attention to the fine details. Having fresh flowers says that you care about making every experience and point of contact a great one.

Fresh flower arrangements in any business office or lobby really makes a style statement for the firm. A beautiful array of flowers can make you feel happy and welcome as soon as you see it. I find that having a big bold unique corporate flower arrangement really sets the tone and adds an elegant look to any seating area or waiting room.

A key element in my designs is that I like to keep it simple with respect to color. Using 2 – 3 color combinations in different shades will always give you a simple yet elegant look. Adding too many colors can sometimes make an arrangement looks busy and messy. Presenting a clean and simple look attracts attention and focus to a design, where it is enjoyed for a longer and period of time. Thinking about branding ? I can make a unique flower arrangement using your corporate colors.

There are so many styles you can choose from when creating an arrangement for an office space. I choose the more modern contemporary look that stays classic and elegant when designing for an office space. With a consultation we can discuss your ideas and all the possibilities for your unique corporate flower arrangement for your office space.

Fresh floral arrangements are a great way to accentuate your corporate appearance.

Contact Beatrice here or call direct 647-828-8942 to Pretty in Flowers Oakville. I can assist with any for your floral needs as you look to put your best foot forward with your clients !