Funeral Flower Arrangements


“When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices. When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.” Buddhist Saying

The funeral is a time when we remember, respect, and celebrate the life of a family member or loved one who have left us.

Floral arrangements sent to the funeral home pay tribute to passing of our loved ones, and stand as a show of respect to those in their time of grief. Funeral Flowers act as symbols of adornment; bringing elegance and beauty to a funeral event.

Funeral Flowers have come to symbolize immortality and eternal life. Funeral Flowers have evolved to become the ultimate symbol of sympathy and love at the difficult time of the passing of loved ones. Historically Funeral Flowers have featured as an essential part of funeral tradition. The use of funeral flowers can provide elements of comfort through their beauty and delicate scent.

Funeral customs and traditions vary amongst different cultures, where specific beliefs and funeral practices are used to remember the deceased. Funeral Celebrations may include prayers, and rituals. Other funerals will include monuments and funeral art which is apparent throughout the funeral celebration, and up to the point of internment.

Funeral customs have evolved to the use of funeral flowers to mark the passing of family and friends. Pretty in Flowers will work with you to create a collection of funeral flowers properly befitting the memory of your loved one.

Funerals, rites of passages, and funeral flowers are as old civilization itself. Historians can trace the earliest forms of funeral celebration back almost 300,000 years. It is believed that prior to the use of funeral flowers, flower pollen was used to mark the passing of the deceased.

Funerals today amongst most countries, and amongst most cultures are quite similar in structure. Funeral rituals can be divided into three parts:

1. The Visitation
2. The Funeral Itself
3. The Burial Service

Funeral Flowers can be used to properly and tastefully mark each of these parts of the funeral ceremony.

At the visitation stage, (also known as the viewing or the wake), the deceased is placed on display in the funeral casket. The viewing often takes place one or two evenings prior to the funeral.

While Funeral viewings usually take place at the funeral home, It is not an uncommon practice for the funeral viewing to occur at the home of the deceased, or at the home of a relative.

At the funeral viewing, the family of the deceased may choose an assortment of arranged flowers to commemorate their loved ones. Flowers for the funeral viewing can be used in combination with displayed portraits, photographs or other possessions to remember and celebrate the lives lived of our loved ones.

Flowers for funeral viewings are often sent by relatives, friends and acquaintances who are unable to attend the funeral services.

Funeral Flowers are one of the most beautiful ways to express our condolences when words will not do. Pretty In Flowers will work with you to create this beautiful expression that the memory of your loved one deserves.

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