Summer Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Ah! Summertime is finally here!

A time for love and endless wedding flowers.

Summer weddings are still very popular. There are so many beautiful and pretty colour combinations to chose from.

I love the classic look for Wedding Flowers. Whites still continue to be a popular theme, with many opting for all white flowers for the bride’s bouquet. One of my absolute favourites is white pieones. They look and smell amazing, and the really large flower bloom just fills up the bouquet beautifully.

Wedding Flowers and Bouquets Oakville

I like to use a nice variety of flowers for the bride’s bouquet. Such as:

Vendela Roses
Calla Lilies
Sweetheart Roses
Sweet Pea

And a touch of Bling to finish off the look: Whether it be jewels crystals, or pearls.

Although each bride has her own design and style in mind, I find it so rewarding once it all comes together and knowing that I just made the brides day!

Whether an indoor wedding or outdoor ceremony, there are so many choices: especially when it comes to head table and guest table centre pieces.

A lot of brides are still loving the tall vase arrangements, which consists of a tall thin vase with a large round arrangement of flowers sitting at the top, (which is my favourite look as well!) It really gives the room a major wow factor once you step into the banquet hall. This really sets the tone & look for the wedding and all it’s decor. I like to use a lot of hydrangeas and roses to create a round appearance for the arrangements that sit on the vase. Hydrangeas are a very popular flower to use in both centrepieces and church pieces for weddings. Hydrangeas looks amazing in garlands, as well as with other flowers that are used to dress up the head table.

When choosing colours for your wedding flowers, I always ask: “What colour are your bridesmaid’s dresses?” This way we can match up the colours that will best compliment their dresses. By adding colour to the bridesmaid dresses, this sets the look and feel that the bride and groom like for their special day. I also like to use different shades of the same colour in the same flowers in different sizes and textures as well.

I am all about the bling and sparkle! I love the look it gives to bridal, and bridesmaid bouquets. Adding jewels, crystals, or broaches gives the bouquet an upscale, modern, and unique look. This will have everyone looking at it, and the bride: Which is what every wedding should be like: All eyes on the bride, and of course, the flowers!

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